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Whiskey Barrels and Whiskey Barrel Furniture.

The Finest Whiskey Barrels and most custom Whiskey Barrel Furniture available Worldwide!

Kentucky Barrels is a Whiskey Barrel and Whiskey Barrel Furniture company located in Kentucky

Quality Barrels Available

Our Used Whiskey Barrels and our New Whiskey Barrels are in stock ready to purchase in our retail store. We have the largest selection of Used Whiskey Barrels, New Whiskey Barrels and Whiskey Barrel Furniture in the state of Kentucky. Add us to your Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour schedule to visit our whiskey barrel retail store located in Nicholasville, KY to buy a barrel today!

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New Whiskey Barrels, Used Whiskey Barrels and Whiskey Barrel Furniture. Local Logoed Distillery Barrel Heads and Local Distillery Logoed Wood Bar Signs. Shop for Used Barrel Heads, New Barrel Heads, Used Barrel Staves, Metal Barrel Hoops and New Wood bungs are available in store. Kentucky Barrels retail store is full of Whiskey Barrels and Whiskey Barrel related items.

Home, Business, Bar and Man Cave Furniture

Home, Business, Bar & Man Cave Whiskey Barrel Furniture packages are available. Whiskey Barrel Bars, Whiskey Barrel Bar Tables and Whiskey Barrel Bar Chairs, Whiskey Barrel Leather Seating in 3-2-1 couch, loveseat and single chair sets, Whiskey Barrel Vanity's, Whiskey Barrel Sinks, Whiskey Barrel Display Cabinets and one of kind of Whiskey Barrel Furniture is available.

Whiskey Barrels of all sizes for all your barrel needs and uses!
5-10-15-30-53 Gallon American White Oak Barrels

53 Gallon Oak Barrels

Made in the USA from American White Oak

5-10-15-30-53 Gallon American White Oak Barrels

30 Gallon Oak Barrels

Made in the USA from American White Oak

5-10-15-30-53 Gallon American White Oak Barrels

15-10-5 Gallon Oak Barrels

Made in the USA from American White Oak


Craft Hobby Barrels

Made in the USA and Imported Barrels

Whiskey Barrel Furniture for your Home Buisness or Man Cave.

Customers most frequently asked questions

Do you sell just one barrel to anyone?

Yes! We sell single barrels to anyone, you can come to our retail barrel store in Nicholasville, KY and hand pick your barrel from 100's of barrels in stock or we can ship one to your door.

Can I come to your store and pick out a barrel I like?

Yes! During normal business hours you may shop our retail barrel store and pick out your very own personal barrel from hundreds of barrels. We will even help you load your barrel!

Will someone be there to help me load my barrels?

Yes, we will help you load your barrel/s and help you with strapping them down. Don't forget to bring some ratchet straps, 1" x 15' recommended.

Will a full size whiskey barrel fit in the back seat of my car?

No we don't recommend trying to squeeze a full sized whiskey barrel in the back seat of your car even though the barrel measurements will seem to fit, in some cases you can get the barrel through the back door but you will damage the leather/plastic door trim and probably your seats getting the barrel inside and then when taking the barrel back out. We recommend picking up your barrel/s with a Suv, Van, Pick up or a vehicle with a trailer.

Client Love and Reviews

John Harris

Barrels for Brewing

If you are looking for some whiskey barrels to re-use this is the place to go! Awesome, Knowledgeable staff to work with and a great choice of barrels in stock to choose from. I pick up my barrels in person as it is only a two hour drive for me. Honest and fair pricing that's why i always come back.

Susan Hill

DYI Project Barrels

Best barrel selection anywhere if you are wanting to buy a barrel for DYI barrel project. Their friendliness and helpful ideas is what I love about them. I highly recommend this company to buy your whiskey barrels from. They also some have some very nice barrel furniture in their store to look at.

Larry Thomas

Great Barrel Store!

I did a search for used whiskey barrels and this placed popped up and it was only 40 minutes from my house so I jumped in my truck and drove down there to check it out and I was impressed with the barrel selection they have and the all the barrel related items like the branded barrel heads, used barrel heads, single barrel staves and wood bungs and pieces of barrels in different size cuts. Awesome stuff and glad I visited them.

Email us for any questions you may have about any of our whiskey barrels or barrel  products.