#SB-01  Stave Bench   $149.00 

Plus shipping,
shipping should run betwen $45, and $65 to the lower 48 states.

From the heart of Bourbon country in central Kentucky
we offer this hand crafted Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stave Bench. This rugged bench was once part of a barrel that held world famous Kentucky Bourbon.

This sturdy rustic bench is made from a genuine white oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrel. The white oak staves are quarter sawn in the Arts and Crafts style.

The vintage staves are lightly sanded, the seat top is coated with polyurethane to seal in the char.

The bench is 35 inches wide x 18 inches tall x 16 inches deep.
Stave bench weighs about 28 pounds.

You'll find benches like this selling on line for up to $1300.00, most are in the $200.00 to $400.00 price range.



Whiskey Barrel Stave Bench
The whiskey barrel staves are charred on the inside, we sand the staves and put a poly coat on the seat to seal in the char.

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Quarter-sawn white oakQuarter-sawing gets its name from the fact that the log is first quartered lengthwise, resulting in wedges with a right angle ending at approximately the center of the original log. Each quarter is then cut separately by tipping it up on its point and sawing boards successively along the axis. That results in boards with the annual rings mostly perpendicular to the faces. Quarter sawing yields boards with straight striped grain lines, greater stability than flatsawn wood, and a distinctive ray and fleck figure.

Quartersawn boards have two advantages. They are more resistant against warping with changes in moisture and shrinkage. The quartersawing method of cutting... renders quarter sawn oak structurally stronger, also finer in grain, and, as shown before, less liable to warp and check than when sawn in any other way.
The second advantage of quartersawn wood is the decorative pattern on the board. In quarter sawn wood the saw cuts across the growth rings, the visible grain is much straighter; it is this evenness of the grain that gives quarter sawn wood its greater stability.

In addition to the grain, quarter sawn oak will also often display a pattern of medullary rays, seen as subtle wavy ribbon-like patterns across the straight grain.  Medullary rays grow in a radial fashion in the living tree, so while flat-sawing would cut across the rays, quarter-sawing puts them on the face of the board. This ray pattern has made quarter sawn wood especially desirable for furniture and decorative panelling.

Quarter sawn oak was a key feature of the decorative style of the American Arts and Crafts movement.
Kentucky Bourbon Label Art
 label artlabel art
label artlabel art
#BLA  Bourbon Label Art  
  includes shipping to lower 48 states.   

We are offering a collection of genuine Kentucky Bourbon Bottle Label Art. (Real labels, not copies)
These are actual unused labels from Bourbon brands that are no longer in production. Some are quite old.  Framed in solid wood on a black background. Each frame contains from 2 to 3 Kentucky Bourbon Labels.

Labels pictured are representative of some of the many labels we have. Labels and frame size will vary, making each one a unique one of a kind work of art. Collect them all.
Bourbon Label Art
Bourbon Label Art
Vintage Barrel Banks

Vintage Barrel BankVintage Barrel BankVintage Barrel Bank#VBB  Vintage Barrel Banks   $29.99   price includes shipping

These small white oak barrels were made as advertisement for various businesses. The company that made these banks has been out of business for quite a while. We have obtained a limited number of these one of a kind collector banks. They are 6 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter on the ends and 4.5 inches in diameter in the middle. They have 4 brass hoops. The barrels have various company names on the side and some on the money slot end. Most of them have a combination lock on the bottom. (sold for display only)vintage barrel banks

These Barrel Banks are collectibles, with many different banks represented. Start your collection today. All are one of a kind, no duplicates.

Making Barrel Furniture
Making Barrel Furniture Booklet#MBF Making Barrel Furniture $18.00 includes shipping 

Make Beautiful Barrel Furniture At Home

This helpful 24 page booklet has 9 different furniture projects you can make at home with our Kentucky whiskey barrels or wine barrels. It gives you a list of tools and supplies you will need to make beautiful sturdy barrel furniture. Loaded with lots of diagrams, and bonus color pictures.
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