The Real Barrel Look With Out The Problems of Wood
barrel planter

20-year limited warranty
We've found a plastic barrel planter for you that meets our standards.
Our plastic barrel half is made from recycled material.
Unlike other plastic planters that are hollow, or made of plastic foam, this is made from solid one quarter inch thick plastic

plastic half#PHB Plastic Barrel Half $59.95
plus $45 shipping

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  • Real Wood Grain Look - Good Looks last for 20 years   
  • Color  All The Way Through
  • Multipurpose - gardens, ice, kegs & more.       
  • Eco-Blend Compound - Reduces landfill materials
  • Raised Feet on Bottom - Reduces surface staining
  • Easy to move - 1/3 the weight of Wood Barrel 
  • Solid Thick Walls - Withstands freezing, thawing & heatingclose up of barrel planter

    Length: 24"

    Width: 24"

    Height: 14.5"

plant tomatos Whether you live in an apartment house, condominium or a home with a small garden plot, you can add color to your surroundings and some tasty vegetables to your table with our Kentucky Whiskey Barrel Planters..
You will be surprised at what can be done with a few of our Kentucky whiskey barrel halves in a small area. A tomato plant or two grown in one of our barrel halves can supply you with fresh tomatoes throughout the growing season. Special varieties have been developed especially for barrel gardening. Other vegetables that grow well in barrels include peppers, cucumbers and squash. One or two plants will provide enough beans throughout the growing season for at least one meal a week for a family of four. Pole beans don't need a pole, but can be trained on a string or any type of trellis if it is strong enough for support. You can plant vegetables and decorative flowers in the same barrel. A single tomato planted in the center of the barrel and surrounded by colorful geraniums or petunias is an attractive arrangement. Barrel gardening takes less water, overall, than a garden plot, but may require more frequent watering.  You can utilize small space efficiently with successive plantings of vegetables that mature quickly, such as radishes and leaf lettuce. Replant each area as it is harvested.
barrel dolly

You know they have to be rugged to support full size barrels and
barrel halves


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