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Kentucky Bourbon is America's only native spirit. By law Bourbon must be made in NEW white oak barrels. The many years spent aging in new barrels is why Kentucky Bourbon is the best whiskey in the world today. After the Bourbon is removed, the barrels are exported where they are REUSED to make Scotch, Irish Whisky, Rum, and Tequila. The best quality barrels come from Kentucky where they are made and used. Why settle for less when you can have the best. It is our pleasure to offer this valuable part of our Kentucky heritage to you.
Whiskey Barrel Hoops
Metal Barrel Hoops
HP580      1 Kentucky Whiskey Barrel Hoop       $10.00  
 10 Kentucky Whiskey Barrel Hoops    $80.00
     plus shipping

These sturdy metal barrel hoops are what holds our rugged Kentucky whiskey barrels together. These hoops are made from heavy gage steel, held together with two rivets.    Most of our whiskey barrel hoops will have rust on them.

 The hoops vary from 22 to 25 inches in diameter and various widths. 
Small orders ship UPS freight will have to be prepaid,  larger orders ship freight collect.
Shipping not included

Barrel Hoop Ball
Barrel Hoops
Wine Barrel Hoops
wine barrel hoops hoop ballGHP582     1 Galvanized wine barrel hoop  $10.00        Shipping not included
wine hoopsGHP582   10 Galvanized wine barrel hoop  $80.00  

 We are pleased to offer sturdy galvanized steel wine barrel hoops. These hoops are what holds together our beautiful Kentucky wine barrels.  They are made with galvanized steel held together with two steel rivets.
The hoops are 25 to 28 inches in diameter and various widths.
They will ship UPS freight will have to be prepaid,  larger orders ship freight collect.
Uses for our Barrel Hoops
Hoop Art Barrel Hoop Trellis

There are many uses for our rustic whiskey and wine barrel hoops. Here are just a few
Hoop Star
concrete hoop stepping stone
Hoop and Concrete Stepping Stone

Take one of our whiskey or wine barrel hoops and ad quickcrete that you can buy from your loco home center and you have nice stepping stones. You can ad pebbles, moasic tile...
Hoop Pot Holder
Make a pot holder with our hoops.
They have many uses

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