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Kentucky Bourbon is America's only native spirit. By law Bourbon must be made in NEW American white oak barrels. The many years spent aging in new barrels is one of the reasons Kentucky Bourbon is the best whiskey in the world today. After the golden liquid is removed, the barrels are exported where they are REUSED to make Scotch and Irish whiskey, rum, and tequila. It is our pleasure to share this valuable part of our Kentucky heritage with you.
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Our barrels at a Scottish distillery
Our Kentucky Barrels In a Scottish distillery
If you like Scotch or Irish whisky (European Whisky) you have to give thanks to Kentucky Bourbon and our Kentucky crafted American white oak barrels. After the barrels have been used ONCE to make world renowned Kentucky Bourbon, they are shipped overseas where they are used over and over again to make European whisky It's the Kentucky oak barrels that give their whisky it's flavor and color. The FIRST USE of the barrel produces the BEST whiskey. That's why by law, Bourbon is made in a NEW white oak barrels, and why their whisky has to spend so many years longer in the barrel  to even come close to the quality of Kentucky Bourbon.
Without our Kentucky Bourbon barrels they could not make Scotch whisky (European Whisky)
One Of Our Barrels In Scotland European coopers don't make the barrels, they just maintain the Kentucky Crafted barrels. It must cost a lot of money for the European companies to ship our Kentucky crafted barrels to Scotland and Ireland.

You can have one delivered to your home for a fraction of the cost.
our barrels in IrelandPicture at left  is our Kentucky barrels at an Irish distillery Quote From Scottish Distillery About Their Barrels:

"American Bourbon casks have been widely used. To be called "Bourbon" their whiskey must be aged in virgin oak casks which have been charred or fired on the inside. These become available to the Scotch whisky industry after just one use".
Our Kentucky Crafted white oak Barrels are used and reused many times by the Scottish and Irish distilleries attesting to their quality construction and strength.... YOU HAVE A CHOICE,  WHISKY MADE IN SPENT USED BARRELS THAT HAVE BEEN SHIPPED HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD IN A CONTAINER SHIP, OR WHISKEY MADE IN NEW AMERICAN WHITE OAK BARRELS,
By law Kentucky Bourbon must be made in NEW white oak barrels. The BEST characteristics of the barrel, the color, the vanilla, and caramel (natural sugars in the oak), are absorbed by the whiskey in the first use. Because European whisky is made with SPENT USED barrels it takes many more years in the barrel to even come close to the quality of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. The only benefit they derive from the SPENT barrel besides being a container is the amber color which comes from the RE CHARRED barrel, and possibly that Kentucky Bourbon flavor.  With each year in the barrel 3% of the whisky is lost to evaporation.  With each reuse of the spent barrel the European whisky must be aged longer. No wonder quality Kentucky Bourbon is the best selling whiskey in the world today.
A visitor to our web site said "there is no such thing as European Whisky". We call it that because Scotland and Ireland are states of the European Union, just like Kentucky is a state in The United States of America.
To all of you  Rum and Tequila drinkers out there. The distilleries are putting used staves inside the barrels. To age their product, they use SPENT  Kentucky whiskey barrels. Since the barrels are used up, they have to put extra wood in them to get that dark look. Here you see what we take out of the used Rum and Tequila barrels. If you look close you see paint on several of the staves. Most of the paint will have leached out into the liquor in the barrel.  All the more reason to drink Clean Pure Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.  Made in NEW American white oak barrels produced in Kentucky.      
Click on the picture for a larger view, you'll see the paint that is on the staves, (LEAD?).  
Save the earth, buy Kentucky Whiskey BarrelsFor those of you who believe in man made global warming. When you buy one of our recycled Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Barrels your are helping save the environment. By keeping these barrels at home we prevent the thousands of pounds of hydrocarbons that it takes to ship each of these barrels overseas from entering the environment. Hydrocarbons which may contribute to global warming.   Help save the earth, buy a recycled Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Barrel today!
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